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Global Star Capital has prepared a list of FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.  This section is highly informative and key toward moving forward with your project.  We are extremely transparent as a company and have a strict protocol based on decades of performance.

Commercial and Intellectual Property Projects

How long have you been in business?  The Global Star family of companies has been in business since 1991. Please view the COMPANY HISTORY section of the web site for explanation.

What does it cost me to submit a project for review?  We work for free reviewing your documentation plus qualifying you and your project.

Are you affiliated with Globalstar Capital Corp.?  No.  Globalstar (all one word) Capital Corp. is part of the telecommunications giant Globalstar and located in Milpitas, CA USA. We have no affiliation with Globalstar Telecommunications or their subsidiaries. We have had potential clients in the past confuse what they have read on Globalstar Capital Corp. with our company.  Two items in particular are a posting on a blog web site whereas a title only line appears and a court case from 2001 between Tomei v. Globalstar.  Again, we have NO AFFILIATION with Globalstar Capital Corp and we have never been involved any court cases as a defendant.  

Why is it mandatory that I read the web site in full before speaking with Mr. Cocovich?  The answer is simple.  You are looking for funding.  You need to follow the rules and protocols of those who can achieve your goals.  Our protocol is in place because it is proven and mandatory by the very private funding sources you can never reach on your own. The protocol is also administered in a way to expose any individuals or groups who are unethical, cannot follow directions or are not solvent. .If you can follow the protocol, you will succeed.  Otherwise, you will fail to gain our attention. 

 A face to face meeting is required between you and our Founder Mr. Cocovich under the standard meeting fee schedule listed further down in this section.  Mr. Cocovich is the top consultant in our industry.  World Governments down to individuals have retained his services.  

At the meeting, Mr. Cocovich begins constructing the game plan to attract the funding attention that is needed for your project.  You are educated fully as to why this is critical to your success at the face to face meeting.  The high end professional game plan step is what separates Global Star Capital from the novice entities and unethical people inside the funding world.  Mr. Cocovich is in place for a reason. He is in place to create the overall game plan in order to present to the facilitators and entities of many high net worth individuals and trusts.  He has been servicing this industry for two decades.  We are in business to present solvent projects and their principals to the decision making entities who we work with everyday.  We also fund projects internally depending on the sector. We hold the ability and knowledge to present projects in the proper way, exactly how true funding sources require the presentation.  Just having your business plan and financial data is NOT good enough.  It takes a massive amount of preparation to present a project properly, therefore our engagement is completely warranted.  You will be quite comfortable and learn more if we accept your project to move forward.

Global Star Capital becomes your most trusted guide in assisting your project in acquiring the attention necessary to administer funding that has eluded you.  

If Mr. Cocovich decides to offer me a mandatory face to face meeting to pursue my project further, what are his meeting fee requirements that are part of the mandatory protocol?  Mr. Cocovich requires compensation for his time based on the standard consulting fee structure.  Do not let the meeting/consulting fee deter you.  This meeting will be the cornerstone to achieving your goal and EVERY client since 1991 has followed through with this protocol--it is not for negotiation. This is NOT an upfront fee as your project will be analyzed, you will speak to two levels of executives inside Global Star Capital and preparation time will be administered on your project well before the face to face meeting.